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  • Private storage for your personal genome.
  • Own your data with Blockchain security.
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  • A safe place to explore your genome privately.
  • Simple and secure access to genome services.
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  • Securely transact with your genome data.
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  • Access diverse services, without sacrificing privacy.

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How it works under the hood

Our mission

  • Your genome data is incredibly powerful, but also, incredibly personal. In the age of personal genomics, we want you to harness the power of your genome without sacrificing privacy.
  • The genome vault keeps your valuable genome data hidden from everyone but you, including us, but allows you to easily connect to a growing number of valuable genome services.
  • With Clinoverse, you reveal just enough of your genome data for just long enough to obtain a requested service. Your identity remains private.
  • We want you to learn about yourself, from your health risks to your diet preferences and everything in between, without fear of genomic discrimination, data loss or misuse.

Privacy policy

Our privacy policy is here.