Frequently Asked Questions

What is Clinoverse?

Clinoverse is an innovative platform for storing your DNA and health data while keeping ownership and control. Clinoverse can never see or access your data and thus never share it. It keeps you in control. Through Clinoverse you are able to selectively share parts of your DNA to reap the benefits of genetic analysis services. Clinoverse acts like a bank, that you access and manage through your mobile phone.

What services do you provide?

Clinoverse stores your genome data in a way that it keeps you in control. Clinoverse allows you to share your genome with genetic analysis companies like You can also store your reports from genetic analysis companies within the Clinoverse platform. The mobile app allows you to:

  1. Create a digital identity
  2. Encrypt and manage your DNA and other files in the Clinoverse datastore.
  3. Share snippets of your DNA or the whole file with analysis services.
  4. Store reports in your datastore

How does it work?

You can access our services by downloading our mobile app for Android and iOS Storing a file You create an "account" on your mobile device which you use to encrypt your Genome before sending it to us. When you want your data you can retrieve the encrypted file and decrypt it locally. This means that only you can access your file. Neither us nor malicious actors can access your file! The app will guide you through the simple process of setting up your account and uploading your genome. Sharing a file We partner with services that abide by GDPR and our GDPR+ policy. When you share your data with a service using our app you create a temporary file that only your chosen service can decrypt and use. The file you create is uploaded to Clinoverse and shared with the Service provider under our terms. The service provider looses access to the file once they have used it.

Can I use my 23andMe data?

Yes, you can use your genome file from any of the leading genome sequencing services, such as 23andMe, and LivingDNA.

What if I don't have my genome data yet?

You can get your genome sequenced with any sequencing company that gives you access to your DNA file. But for those that want a more private option, Clinoverse is partnering with privacy preserving sequencing companies so we can provide our Sequence-to-vault service. This will allow you to get your genome sequenced immediately directly in your DNA vault, you will retain sole ownership and control of your DNA. Companies like 23andMe retain copies and ownership of your DNA for their own profit. The Sequence-to-vault service will be coming in the future.

Why use Clinoverse?

Many "free" services on the internet profit from harvesting your data. Whether they are malicious or not, they all become a risk to your safety because the data can be lost or stolen. We want to make an internet where you can use online services ensuring that companies can not keep your data, but still have somewhere safe to keep your data online. We use the best industry practices to keep your data safe, but in the unlikely case that our platform gets compromised, your data will be safe because only you will have the ability to decrypt data. Using Clinoverse you can unlock the power of your genome and learn about yourself without giving away the most valuable information about you, your DNA. We make money by charging businesses to access the platform connect to users. We don't make money from harvesting your data.

Why don't you use email?

Email addresses tend to be or include people's names and are easy to track around the internet, your email has also probably already been included in some sort of data breech (meaning your real name and address is likely associated with your email). We don't want our users to be easily tracked, so we use DID (Distributed identity) as the means of identifying users. It's anonymous and it's also a credential that you own.

What is a DID?

DID is short for "Distributed Identity". This is a more secure, user-friendly and privacy preserving method of managing user accounts data and communicating over the web. One of the key differences from a normal internet login is that you own it. DID's allow you to control how much information you share and with whom. If you use a Facebook login, it's used to track everything you do around the web. DID is an evolving for managing identities on the web, with many companies such as Microsoft, Sovrin and The Identity Foundation building the groundwork.

If I loose my DID do I loose my files?

Unfortunately yes, since you are the only one with access to your files, if you loose your DID you will loose access to your files, but don't worry, there are simple ways to make robust backups! See our page on DID.

Can I delete my Clinoverse account?

Yes you can! If you want to delete your account, removing all traces from Clinoverse you can do that in the options menu in the app. You can do this without deleting your DID, this is separate to your account on Clinoverse.

Do you have a data privacy policy?

Yes the policy can be found here.